3D Files for Paradise-Opoly Game Pieces(Pre-Order)

3D Files for Paradise-Opoly Game Pieces(Pre-Order)

Get the 3D files of the custom player pieces to 3D print your own replacements.


10 3D models included:


Maxwell the Bobcat

Dave the Donkey

The Pine Tree

The Gold Nugget

The Apple

The 4 Wheeler

The Prospector's Tools

The Paradise Sign


The Miner's Tent

The Log Cabin


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*Game pieces shown in image are 3D printed plastic. Actual game pieces included with game are metal.


*Digital files will be delivered by December 2021 when games are in stock.


** For personal use only. Absolutley no unauthorized reproduction, distribution or reselling allowed of these digital files. No mass production allowed. No posting or listing files for distribution on another website for free or for sale. The files that will be sent are trackable and it will be known when they are distributed unlawfully.

  • Digital Item Sale Terms and Conditions

    Paradise-Opoly LLC retains all rights to the designs and likenesses of these included digital files and/or digital 3D model files. Only intended for personal use. Reproduction for resale of any kind is strictly prohibited including, but not limited to, the resale of the digital files or resale of physical prints or creations from the digital 3D files.

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