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Paradise-Opoly was originally thought up as an emotional response to an incalculable loss. In the wake of that loss there are incredible amounts of love, generosity and need. In 2018 California’s most destructive wildfire ripped through Paradise, California leaving almost nothing in its path. With over 14,000 homes destroyed, and far too many precious lives lost, Paradise would sadly never be the same again. Residents were displaced all over the country. This tight knit community that nestled under the trees was now spread far and wide. It slowly became clear that it would take years for most people to return home, if ever at all, again. With many households uninsured or under insured coupled with the rising cost of lumber, contractors and California infrastructure it is simply not an option to rebuild for so many.


Paradise-Opoly LLC has been formed to operate an online e-commerce store out of California. Once the Kickstarter has been successfully funded, all raised funds from the Kickstarter will be used towards the entire development, design, production, shipping, marketing and keeping inventory up to fulfill the expected high initial number of sales in the first year or more. To be clear, no funds raised from Kickstarter will be used for charity or be donated. with the success of fully funding the kickstarter in time, the game will be able to be finalized and put into mass production. Paradise-opoly llc will then resume pre-orders and eventually sales of the games, additional accessories and replacement parts. 100% of those net-profits from company sales will be donated to local non-profit organizations focused on fire recovery and rebuilding. more specifically, projects aimed at low income housing for fire survivors looking to move back to paradise and ground level immediate needs assistance.


These wonderful organizations will be some of the non-profit beneficiaries of Paradise-Opoly LLC net-profits:

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Regenerating Paradise is a nonprofit organization formed in the wake of the Camp Fire with a mission “to weave the social fabric that regenerates us.”  We define ‘regenerating’ as a process of rebuilding and recovery that, as in regenerative agriculture, replenishes rather than depletes. We look to the residents of The Ridge, our community, for our resources, with the intention “to co-create and cultivate communities that make use of our abundant gifts and that work for all life.”

The Coral Apple Foundation is a non-profit that was formed by Paradise resident Stephen Murray. Stephen helped saved nearly 100 senior residents from the mobile home park where he worked. Since that day he has been helping survivors with basic living needs assistance, large donation events and other direct monetary and physical assistance with rebuilding needs. Stephen loves nothing more than his family and community and will provide the help and empathy it needs to get through this recovery.

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The Butte Strong Fund has been the largest funder in Camp Fire relief and recovery efforts. The Butte Strong Fund continues to fund multiple affordable housing projects, providing capital for groups like Habitat for Humanity, CHIP, VROC (Volunteers Rebuilding Our Community) and many more. The Butte Strong Fund is operated by North Valley Community Foundation in partnership with Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. and Aaron Rodgers. NVCF has issued more than $40 million in Camp Fire grants and expects to be helping with housing and more for at least two to three years, until all donations are exhausted.

Starting with the successful funding of our Kickstarter campaign and subsequent success of continued sales online, storefront retailers and event sales, Paradise-Opoly LLC has the potential to make a substantial impact on Butte County's recovery from wildfires.

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